April 7, 2008

Monster of habit

Chase Monster is definitely a creature of habit. Every night we have our bathroom rendezvous. Every morning, I wake up to a fat cat on my head purring very loudly. He has pretty much stolen my pillow by that time and is watching me very intently, just waiting for me to finally get out of bed to feed him. As soon as I sit up he is meowing at me to feed him and once I get out of bed he rushes to his food bowl, ready and waiting. Once he has had his meal, he heads over to the litter box and does his business then lays at the foot of the bed to rest and watch me get ready for my day. While I have my breakfast he makes his way back onto the bed for his morning nap. Every afternoon, I come home to be greeted by my monster cat meowing and demanding me to feed him. He has his dinner and then goes back into the bedroom for a late evening nap. He wakes up and comes back when we are having dinner to join us and then waits until it is time for our bathroom rendezvous. When I get into bed, he plops onto the bed ready to end his exhausting day of many naps and meals.

As you can probably tell my Chase Monster loves food. If I am eating he wants to eat. In fact, he love crackers, especially Cheez It and Goldfish crackers, and chips (Doritos are his favorite but he is not a fan of Cheetos). He will stare at you as you eat and he will actually lick his lips. He never misses a meal and if you are eating he is there, hoping that you will share some food with him. You would think that he was a dog begging for food, well he is in fact bigger than some dogs so maybe this isn't so surprising. Maybe I will sound like every doting parent, but there is no cat like my monster cat. You just gotta love him!



  1. awwwww he loves his mommy. :) When I come home (even if I'm gone for a minute) the poops dance around & throw their toys in excitement. I've even ignored Paul to say hi to them first.

    hee hee

  2. Aww he sounds just like my Frankenmonster. That's so funny. Every morning Frankie wakes me up between 6 and 6:30 for breakfast. We can't say "breakfast" without him drooling. I love pets. Sounds like Chase has you trained well

  3. Chase Monster is soooo cute!!!