April 16, 2008

I don't do diets

Last week, I had a doctor's appointment and as they do at every visit they weigh you. I was not very happy with the weight I saw on the scale. As Mr. Bear and I approach our first wedding anniversary, I realized that I have gained some weight. I know that I am not overweight or fat by any means but I had worked so hard to look good at my wedding. It seems like I have always been trying to lose those stubborn 5 pounds for the last several years and I did so for the wedding, I was so happy. I think I got a little too happy and comfortable and that weight came right back and brought along with it a few more friends. That is not good!

I know that being healthy is all about a balance of nutrition and exercise. I exercise regularly so I know it is the nutrition part of the equation that I have a problem with. Being in my 30's I have definitely noticed a change in my metabolism. I used to be able to eat anything and just workout like crazy to counteract the extra calories I consumed. Not so much anymore. Now it is truly about balancing the exercise with nutrition. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. This eating machine can't eat the same way she has been eating and stay healthy.

Notice that I use the word "nutrition" vs. diet. I don't do diets, I have never been able to stay on one and I don't truly believe in many of the diets out there. Diets fail and the word "diet" has become somewhat of an evil, negative word. It seems to imply a temporary way of eating (e.g., going on and off a diet) rather than a lifestyle of eating nutritiously, which is what it is supposed to mean.

I believe that life is about balance and moderation and being healthy is about balance and moderation. Most diets operate on deprivation principals and I know that depriving myself eventually ends up in binging and overeating. For that reason, I don't do diets. Like the Weight Watchers commercials say, "Diets don't work." And I think they are right, diets don't work and they never work for me. Long-term healthy lifestyle changes work; balance and moderation work. So that is what I need to do, I need to learn about what constitutes healthy balanced nutrition and how I can change my eating habits for a lifestyle change rather than for a temporary weight loss fix.

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  1. I do not do diets either.
    But, I know the only way I loose weight, is by altering what I eat.
    I generally count calories and try to have a healthy mix of fats, proteins and complex carbs.
    That has been the only thing that really works for me, to loose weight.