April 9, 2008

I'm a crafty bear

A beautiful friend of mine is having a baby boy and I recently went to her surprise baby shower last weekend. It was a total blast and she was so surprised. She looked so cute with her baby belly, I can't wait until this little one is in our world!! She is going to make a wonderful mommy!! I love baby showers and I love making something special for the baby. I made this no-sew fleece blanket (it is actually quite easy to make and there are several websites that provide instructions):

Here it is all wrapped up lazy girl style:

Every new mommy needs diapers, it is inevitable since babies poop! I also made a diaper cake for my friend covered with baby toys with a baseball theme since they are big baseball fans and I am sure this little boy is already a fan! Also, quite simple to make and there are several different "recipes" on the internet. This one actually uses a combination of "recipes," the middle layer is different from the top and bottom.


  1. first, your post made me cry :) thanks for the kind words. as the recipient of this gift, i was more than thrilled and SO thankful for all you did. these gifts were truly special and meant so much to us. thank you!