April 9, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange - Earn $25

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I've been seeing a lot of talk on many blogs about Revolution Money Exchange. You can earn $25 for signing up for an account. I just signed up today and already received $25 in my account!

Revolution Money Exchange is an alternative to PayPal. A great review of it can be found on the Cash Money Life blog. Basically, Revolution Money Exchange doesn’t charge you transaction fees. You only pay fees if you request a check or paper statement. This is great since PayPal charges you a percentage of every transaction. So it is PayPal without the fees.

Although PayPal has the market cornered on in this area, I think that Revolution Money Exchange will catch on and many merchants are accepting RME and the list is growing. So now is a great time to sign up and take advantage of the $25 sign up bonus before it expires on April 15. They also have a referral program, you receive $10 for each referral. So please click on the link through my blog so that I can receive credit for the referral. If anything it's free money!


  1. Do you know if you can get a credit card through them, like paypal?

  2. Hi BN! I believe you can, read here:


    I hope that helps!!