April 8, 2008

Gotta Run!

Since I decided not to participate in the Women’s Tri-Fitness Competition, I've been thinking about a new motivating goal for my continued fitness. I don't want to stop working out and being fit. But I know that I do start to slack off without a goal or something to train for. I had been quite sad about my decision but I also know that it was the right decision at this time. Training for the competition really kept me in check and before that the wedding was another big goal to keep me healthy and fit. So, I needed something new to train for.

I found a local 10K taking place next month. I decided to sign up for it and convinced a friend to run the 10K with me as well. It is always good to have a partner to train with you to keep you motivated. So, I am going to run a 10K! I've never done one before, I've run plenty of 5K races in the past but never a 10K. This will be the farthest distance I've ever run. I don't have a whole lot of time left to train, 4 weeks will be here before I know it. I am definitely excited for the challenge! I better get off the computer and off my butt and move it. Gotta run!!!


  1. You're going to do GREAT and feel awesome about it! And then you're going to sign up for the Long Beach Half Marathon in October with me! :)

  2. Yikes, don't know about a marathon seredipite!! We'll see if I make it through this 10K first. Thanks for the vote of confidence.