April 4, 2008

Long Life

My friend shared with me a very interesting website on our world's population. This website also has a life expectancy calculator. Through a series of questions you can find out your life expectancy and your virtual age. I thought it would be interesting to give it a try. After a series of questions pertaining to health and family history, this is what it told me:

My life expectancy is 92 and my virtual age is 15. Wow, I guess that I will live a pretty long life if I believe this little calculator. My grandmother is 85 and is still going pretty strong. She has her ailments and she often tells me that is ready to be with my grandfather who passed away 10 years ago. But then again, she also told me last year that she was holding on until my wedding, which she made it to, and now she is holding on until I have a baby (I hope she won't be holding on too long, but I guess we'll see). My grandmother keeps on holding on and I hope that she will be with us for a long time. My great-grandmother, her mother, lived to her 90's so I think it is entirely possible for my grandmother as well.

So, maybe I shouldn't be so concerned about my mortality as I was a few days ago. Or maybe it is because I have been working on leading a healthy lifestyle and creating healthy habits that according to this calculator I will live to 92. Who really knows how long we have and who really knows if a calculator can really predict the future (probably not, since I could die from an accident). It is best to live each day to the fullest and to continue on my journey to be healthy. Family history is still strong with heart disease (my daddy) and now osteoporosis (my mommy). Being healthy is a life long commitment, it's not worth it to stop being concerned, but there is no need to be obsessed.

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