February 20, 2008

Kitty Rendezvous

Every night, my monster cat meets me in the bathroom for a kitty rendezvous. It doesn't matter where we live (and we have moved a few times) but he always meets me in the bathroom just before I get ready for bed. It is our special time everyday where I can brush and pet him. It is our strange special time in the bathroom, of all places. He is a creature of habit and this is a habit he has never grown out of. He has not once missed our rendezvous in the bathroom, he anticipates me going to the bathroom and is usually there before me to meet me (please excuse the tattered bathroom rug in the picture, but Chase seems to ruin every bathroom rug I've ever had). Silly kitty!

When I first brought home Chase Monster over 11 years ago, he had some poop stuck to his behind and his first experience with me in a new home, was me holding him up to the bathroom sink trying to clean him up. This was our first bathroom time together, poor thing was sooo scared at first but this was the beginning of our bond and bathroom rendezvous. Funny thing is that after he was cleaned up, I was the one scared of him that first night. Chase Monster is the first real pet I have ever had in my life (unless you count a blue fish my brother had when we were kids named Bloog Bloog). I was 21 when Chase Monster came into my life and a little scared of a little kitten; I didn't know much about cats and I thought that he might scratch me as I slept. Well, now he sleeps with me every night. Generally, he sleeps on my head or right next to me sometimes leaving very little room for Mr. Bear to squeeze in (remember Chase Monster is a 24 lb. cat so he takes up a good portion of our queen size bed). Needless to say, I am no longer scared of my monster cat. I love my monster cat and I love our nightly bathroom rendezvous.

In fact, he is in the bathroom right now! I am off to rendezvous with my monster cat!


  1. jkOur cat Kerwin absolutely LOVES the bathroom. He stays in there with me every morning when I take a shower. Sometimes he even gets in the shower with me! I often find him sleeping in the bathroom too. Cats are so cool. :)

  2. I don't know why there's a "jk" at the beginning of my comment. :/

  3. awww you cleaned off his poo. now that's true love.

  4. Heee. My Zoomie likes spending bathroom time with me in the morning. She sits on the toilet seat and watches me put my makeup on. I love Chase Monster! :)