January 20, 2010

Run time improvement

After being sick and the rain, I wasn't able to get a run in earlier this week. I finally got one in today after dropping Baby Bear off at daycare. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill and my mile time has drastically improved since last week! My mile time was 12:22, that is more than a minute off my time from last week.

Even with missing a running session earlier this week, I was still able to improve. Yay!! I have been getting two short runs in a week, although I have been hoping to get three in. I missed out on a run on Monday since I was sick. Usually, I would workout even when I have cold, but since it was raining outside and I had Baby Bear with me, I didn't want to take her out in the jogging stroller in the rain. I am hoping the weather will be dry on Friday so I can get a run in again. I have been running about a mile and half each time I am out, I hope to get some 2 mile runs in. As my time improves, I should be able to. My time is limited so as I get better I should be able to run farther. I am very happy with my progress.

January 13, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Lately, I have been pretty sleep deprived and have been choosing sleep over exercise. Considering the little sleep I have been getting in the last week, it is all for the best. This morning, I felt decent enough to get to the gym and run on the treadmill before work. I still running pretty slow, but am working on it. My mile run time was 13:55, at least is was under 14 minutes, but still pretty slow. I am thinking about doing a 5K in March and so that will be a great motivator to get me back in shape. If I can get more sleep, I am sure I can bet back in the swing of things and back to a regular schedule of working out. I really want to get back to it, since that is my alone time and I miss that time to myself.