October 30, 2009

100 push ups: Initial Test (and yoga!)

So I am serious about starting my 1o0 push-up training and the first step was to do the initial test to see what level I will start at and how many I can do. I completed 12 full good push-ups. That puts me in the 2nd rank according to the website (I was two away from the 3rd rank just and I couldn't get that 13 push-up out). That is not as bad as I thought I would do. But I also know that I used to be able to do about 20 or so and at one time I could do 30. Because I completed more than 10, that puts in the highest training level (there are 3). Crazy especially since I haven't done any real push-ups in so long. I had to stop some time during the pregnancy since my belly bump got in the way. Now I am ready to get started on Monday. It will be a good way to start a new week and a new month!! Wohoo! I am excited about this.

On top of starting up my 100 push-up training, this morning I went to yoga!! I love yoga. I had been going to yoga classes sporadically during my maternity leave and I was going to a Mommy and Me yoga class. Now that I know that Baby Bear can take a bottle (she was previously on bottle strike) I plan to go to yoga more regularly since I am now confident that Papa Bear can watch Baby Bear without starving her. My back is all out of whack from pregnancy and my epidural and I believe that yoga will help me to strengthen my back again. I know that when I began practicing yoga almost 8 year ago, that my back pains were greatly alleviated. In fact, I rarely had back pains when I started practicing yoga regularly. So I hope that the same will happen once I keep up my practice.

It feels good to getting back to some type of fitness routine. I am well on my way to getting fit. Hurray!!

October 28, 2009

100 push-up challenge

I so need to get back into shape. As a working mother, I am finding it very hard to find the time to workout. Before having Baby Bear, I worked out and exercised 4-6 days a week. I exercised throughout my pregnancy and even went for a nice walk the day I went into labor. Since she has been born, my time to work out has been scarce. I thought I would be back to getting into the gym by now, but I like to spend the little free time I have during the day with Baby Bear.

I really miss getting to the gym and doing an intense workout session and I feel so out of shape that it is very depressing to me. So I figured that I have to do something about it. Looking at my time, I am going to try to get a little exercise in during my lunch breaks. I figure 30-45 minutes a day is better than nothing.

I am going to start the 100 push-ups training program. I have talked before about how I love push-ups. I used to be able to do full push-ups without too much of a problem. Now I am lucky to do a few. So this will be one way to get me back. It is a 3-day a week commitment for 6 weeks, so it is very doable during lunch breaks. Hopefully, I can get a walk or maybe even a run in on the other days.

I am very excited to give it a shot and I will update my progress on this blog to help me stay accountable and to get this blog up and running again. This poor blog has been largely neglected because I have nothing to write about except Baby Bear. So here is something that is just for me that I can start to write about. I am very excited about this challenge and to get fit once again.

October 26, 2009

Walk Now for Autism

Last year I participated in the Walk for Autism and I have signed up to do it once again. This will be Baby Bear's first charity walk (well, she participated last year in the womb). It is never too early to start to give and do something for a good cause.

I have written about why this cause is near and dear to my heart before, you can read about it in my other blog, Sher's Corner.

Click here to go to my personal web page and help me and Baby Bear in our efforts to support Autism Speaks.

October 13, 2009

Time to change those wiper blades

The forecast calls for possible rain in Southern California and my car needed new windshield wiper blades. Papa Bear kindly took care of this last night in anticipation of the rain. He went to one store and they were sold out of windshield wiper blades, so he went to another store and got them. He put them on in the parking lot and threw away the packaging and old wiper in the dumpster near the store. The dumpster was filled with old wiper blades and packaging. I guess we weren't the only ones taking care of things in anticipation of the rain.

Thanks Papa Bear for taking care of me! I love you.

October 6, 2009

A Pooh Bear Sequel

Photo from NPR

A sequel to the Winnie the Pooh books, Return to the Hundred Acre Woods, is coming out. I am totally excited!!!

Listen to the report on NPR.