May 16, 2012

{Creativer Corner} Teacher end-of-the year gifts

Today is the last day of Baby Bear's first year of preschool. To thank the teachers for an amazing year, I put together some teacher gifts to show them how much we appreciate them. We absolutely love Baby Bear's teachers.

May 2012_3

This was inspired from this blog, where you can also download the tags. Since I really didn't have time to design my own tags this time around, this was a nice and easy gift to put together. The cups included a Jamba Juice gift card, M&Ms, and Jelly Belly candies. I wanted to get them soemthing that would be useful for them. So I hope they enjoy them. I know that the Christmas gifts that we gave them get good use; I see the coffee cups at school being used often. They need to keep hydrated during our warm summers and they work summer school through the summer, so these seemed like they would get some use.

May 1, 2012

{Creative Corner} Princess Tulle Wands

For Baby Bear's preschool fundraiser I decided to make the princess wands instead of buying the cheap plastic ones. Look at what I made...


I think they turned out pretty good. I use the tutorial from this blog. They are very easy to make, I think any little girl will love this.