April 30, 2008

Sugar and Spice: It's a Girl! Update

Just for Jen, some more details on the new baby girl who was brought into our world yesterday. I don't have a lot of details except what Mr. Bear has told me. And boys know very little about these things. Her name is Matea Ryan (not sure if that is spelled correctly) and she weighs 6.5 lbs. Sorry that is all this bear knows.

Yesterday, Mr. Bear went to visit during the day and they had an eventful day. Mr. Bear was holding her and then she started to turn purple, so they called in the nurse and they put her in NICU. They gave her some antibiotics and she is fine now from what I know, she just needed a little extra care. Luckily, our good friend's mom is a NICU nurse at the hospital and Baby M is being well taken care of. Mr. Bear helped out and picked up Big Sister (2 years old) from grandma's house and brought her to the hospital when all was calmer. Big Sister told Mr. Bear, "she's sooo tiny!" Mr. Bear totally agreed! He told me Baby M is so small with little toes and all. He had an exhausting day and he was so stressed out from the experience.

I went to visit this morning to check in on mom and Baby M, but they were not in their room, mom and dad were probably in the NICU with Baby M. I will have to go back to visit later. I am just dying to meet her.

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  1. You love me! It's terrible that she's in the NICU but awesome that she's well taken care of. I'm saying a prayer for her!