April 1, 2008

I'm not always the Fool!

I am usually the fool rather than the person who does the fooling. My friends love fooling me and making fun of me. I can sometimes be gullible and I am a little too trusting. It is like I am this little kid who wants to believe in people and great stories. I want to believe in fairy tales and happy endings, there is nothing wrong with that. But I am equally as bad at fooling people probably because I am also awful at telling jokes. I never get the punch line right, I must be missing some joke telling gene or something. But, there was one time where I did do the fooling. I do well when I am involved with others to fool people, I am a great team player. It wasn't an April Fools day joke but it was probably the only time I was ever able to fool Mr. Bear. And boy did I fool him!

Several years ago (before Mr. Bear and I were married or even engaged), Mr. Bear's best friend and his wife just found out they were pregnant with their first child. Naturally, we were among the first to know and they wanted to tell Mr. Bear in a very special way. That evening we were getting together to watch a movie. They picked me up and we were going to meet Mr. Bear. While in the car they showed me a picture of the sonogram to announce that they were pregnant (so I knew before Mr. Bear!). I was so ecstatic for them. They hadn't told Mr. Bear yet but they had come up with a great idea where I would be the one to tell Mr. Bear. Basically, I would pull him aside and show him the picture of the sonogram without saying a word, somewhat implying that the sonogram was mine.

So when we met up with Mr. Bear, I told him that I had something to show him and pulled him aside so we could be a little more private. With a look of worry and uncertainty on my face, I then showed him the sonogram and did not say a word. The look on his face was priceless. He asked, "You? Me?" and had a look of panic, uncertainty, and confusion. After about 30 seconds or what seemed like a lifetime for Mr. Bear, Mr. Bear's best friend and wife came to the rescue and said, "It's mine! We're having a baby!" There was a sign of relief on Mr. Bear's face. Although, he was ready to step up to the plate and deal with having a baby if that was what was to be. So that was good to know. Probably not the nicest joke to play on someone (especially your boyfriend) but we definitely got him. Mr. Bear is not easy to get either. He, unlike me, is not gullible at all. Mr. Bear was extremely happy for his best friend (especially since the baby wasn't his). They had a beautiful baby girl who is now 2 years old and they are expecting their second baby in a few weeks.



  1. They should of had the camera ready to snap his reaction! Hahahahaha that's so bad!