May 2, 2008

Wish me luck!

I am running my 10K on Sunday!! I can't believe it is coming so soon. I am very excited and I think I am well prepared even though I didn't follow any specific type of training program. Basically what I have been doing is going on a long run once a week with my running buddy. Our weekly runs usually last over an hour. We don't really track our distances, but I would guess we run anywhere from 4-6 miles. Our run this week kicked my butt. We ran an uphill route and our total time running was about an hour and a half. It was the longest and farthest run that we have ever done. I am guessing that will be how long it takes us to run the 10K on Sunday. We are not looking to run fast, we are looking to complete the run and have a great experience. I am definitely learning to better appreciate running, it definitely helps to have a running buddy. I think we will do just fine!

In addition to our weekly runs, I have been working out regularly taking high impact step classes, Vinyasa Flow yoga, and strength training. I think that by cross-training I am keeping myself in good shape for the run despite not logging in a ton of miles as most training plans suggest.

I have also been working on my nutrition by making healthy food choices. I think I have been doing pretty well with my nutrition. Even with our river trip last weekend, I did pretty well. We packed our lunches and made our own meals. I even went for a short 30 minute run while at the river. I am looking forward to the 10K and I will update you on how I do!

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  1. oh have fun!!! i remember my first will change your life :) enjoy!