May 7, 2008

Folk Music Fun

I had a busy weekend! In addition to my 10K run on Sunday, I went to the Claremont Folk Festival on Saturday evening and saw Ben Harper, Jackson Brown, and Taj Mahal play! They were awesome!! Ben Harper is from Claremont and his family owns the Claremont Folk Center. The event was a fundraiser to support music in the Claremont public schools. There were activities and workshops all day for people of all ages. I was only able to make it for the main stage event.

Jackson Brown opened and he was awesome. Great music and a funny personality. He is really great and a talented guitarist. He must have had a different guitar for each song he played. (Sorry pictures aren't too great, they were taken with my cell phone.)

Ben Harper is just wonderful, what a regular down to earth kind of guy. I love his music and his voice. He played a lot of great songs, some that I don't think are on any of his CDs. He also brought his mom on stage for several songs. She is quite talented as well with a beautiful voice and great banjo playing skills.

Taj Mahal was so much fun. Great blues music with a great beat. His music was the kind you have to stand up to and dance. So much fun.

I have to thank my awesome in-laws for inviting me and to my good friend, Danielle, for making her way out to Claremont to hang out and listen to some great music. What a fun evening.

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