May 29, 2008

Drink one more round on me!

Mr. Bear and I went to the river to celebrate Memorial Day and the beginning of summer!! Despite the rain for the first few days we were there, we had a great time with some new friends. The last few days the sun came out and we got to play! Some pictorial recaps of the weekend.

Partying at Roadrunner for Girls Gone Wild Night.

Our great neighbors from Phoenix, AZ. Thanks for the ride back from the Roadrunner!

Finally, a beautiful day and time to get ready to get out on the water.

Hanging out and enjoying the sun!

Our song of the weekend!

"Drink one more round on me,
Let’s sing an old melody
Hold your drinks up high, and toast the night."

Thanks River Dave and River Diva for your hospitality! Nord, JenBen, and Danny, it was fun partying with the crew. A great time was definitely had!!

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