May 5, 2008

Happily Ever After!

You know what today is… Cinco de Mayo! And you know what that means… Mr. Bear and I celebrate our one year wedding anniversary today!!! It also marks our 8th anniversary. Mr. Bear and I met 8 years ago and 7 years later were married on this date.

How did we meet?

We met at a Cinco de Mayo party back in 2000. Neither of us were planning on going to the party. I didn’t want to go because a guy that I had gone on a date with was attending and I wasn’t really interested, but my best friend, Mrs. Bunny talked me into going. Mr. Bear was spontaneously invited the day of the party when a friend ran into him at the local Circle K. I guess it was serendipity, we were both supposed to be at that party and meet.I remember seeing him at the party playing the congas with the band that was playing and thinking that he was awfully cute. Later in the evening, we got to talking and really hit it off. At the end of the night, he discreetly gave me his business card before he left.
I waited 3 days before calling him; I had never called a guy before so I wrestled with the idea for a while. But he didn’t have any of my information, so if I wanted to see him again, I had to make the first move. I called and we went on our real first date and today we are married! Who knew where that one phone call would lead to? I am glad that I made that phone call!

7 years later

We were married 7 years later, it was a beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect and best of all I married my best friend and my partner for life! It was a beautiful day and definitely the happiest moment of my life. From my beautiful white dress and flowers to the food and even the De La Hoya fight on a big screen (It was the biggest fight of the year, and we Tivoed it so that people could watch it after the main festivities. Otherwise many of the men would have left the venue to find a sports bar nearby, this way everyone was happy). It was a perfect day!


I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man, he makes me so happy and his love is everything to me. I have truly been enjoying marriage, every bit of it. For better or for worse, I look forward to many more years of happily ever after! I love you Mr. Bear!!

Photo by Amy Squires Photography


  1. Happy Anniversary sweetie! Now... where is that first baby.... LOL JUST KIDDING! No pressure....