May 19, 2008

100 Posts!!

Wow, who knew when I started this blog back in January that I would hit 100 posts in less than 6 months! I guess I have a lot to say, LOL.

I have really enjoyed having a blog and sharing my thoughts, ideas, and silly stuff and fluff. From this blog, I have re-discovered my love of writing. I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing and this blog has given me an opportunity to learn about things and write about it. I started this blog for no particular reason (it was what the cool kids were doing) and I think it has evolved as an outlet for me to talk about my life, health and well-being, family, and whatever pops into my head. It has been way for me to learn about myself and to motivate myself to learn about new things. It has been a way to share more about myself to others.

Thank you to those who read my blog and those who are so kind as to leave comments. I hope that my blog continues to interest you.

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