May 28, 2008

It's a small world after all

Technology has truly changed the world and made it a truly small world after all. As I planned my wedding, I discovered On the knot there are all kinds of different boards to gain ideas, referrals for vendors, and chat about wedding planning and anything else under the sun. It was a great resource for me to plan my wedding. Ultimately the best thing about the board, more so than the wedding resources, was meeting people and making some wonderful friends. On the knot, I found my childhood neighbor, who happened to get married just a week before me. Of all the places to reacquaint myself with my childhood neighbor who I had grown up with and lost touch with after high school. It is a small world.

Even after the wedding was said and done, the friendships remain. At first it seemed a little strange to build friendships with people I had met on the internet. I remember telling Mr. Bear that I was going to attend a get-together with some of my "knotties" and he looked at me strangely and I never did know how to tell my other friends what I was doing or how I met so and so. It seemed so strange a first. Now, I am fortunate to have many different friendships.

Mr. Bear also frequents some boards that focus on boating and has met some great people. In fact, we spent the Memorial Day weekend having a great time with his internet friends (Thanks River Dave and River Diva). It may sound strange hanging out and spending a weekend with people you met via the internet, but it is amazing how you get to know people and how friendships develop.

Technology has not only changed the way we work, but it has changed the way we communicate and socialize. Technology has made the world a little smaller and more accessible. A quick text message here and an email there, is all you need. You can easily communicate to anyone in the world at any time. It is a small world after all!