February 16, 2008

Tri-Fit Diva Training Update

I have been working hard to keep up my workout regimen to train for the tri-fitness competition. Early this morning was assessment day with my Tri-fit divas. My workout regimen must have been working because I showed improvement in all areas.

My progress:

Bench press 75 lbs - last month I did 7 or 8, today I did 15! Still a ways to go until the absoltue goal of 50, but that is an improvement. I would like to get to 25 for next month's assessment.

Shuttle run - I did it in 42 seconds this time around, an improvement of 2 seconds! Pretty good considering this was the one skill I hadn't really focused on. I'd like to cut another 2 seconds off next time around.

Box jump - I got through all 50, I jumped about 25-30 of them and then stepped up on the rest. I did it in 1:10 min, so I believe there was improvement too (this was the first time making it through all 50 so not clear point of comparison, for the first few though my time did improve). Next month's goal is to jump at least 35 of them and cut my time by 10 seconds.

We started the morning off at a track and simulated the obstacle course (see previous post for what the course entails) for the first time. I got through that in 1:12 minute, so I feel pretty good about that. I got over the 3 hurdles which mentally is a hurdle in of itself. We didn't really climb a wall or do monkey bars, so that will have added another 30 seconds of so to my time. The wall will be a tough one. Hopefully next month we'll be able to find somewhere to do that.

So I have goals set to meet for next month's assessment. In talking with the ladies that competed last year, many of the women at the competition are professionals and this is what they do all the time, this is their life. So for an amatuer regular person like me, I need to remember not to compare myself to them. For me it is all about meeting my goals, making the effort to even fathom doing this, and to finish the competition!


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