February 3, 2008

Not much of a Superbowl family

We are so not a Superbowl family. The Superbowl game is the only football game that we watch all season. I have been watching it on and off mostly for the commercials and occasionally to see the score, but I have been busying myself with other things like laundry, cleaning the house, and cooking (see post below). Oh yah blogging too :) Mr. Bear fell asleep through the first half of the game and so did Chase Monster. Gotta love his big belly!!


  1. Chase Monster is SOOOO CUTE!!! I just want to bury my face in his soft fur. (ew that sounds dirty hahahah but seriously he looks like a teddy bear!)

  2. He is seriously a big teddy bear. We love to grab him and hug him to death, he is very hugable (if that is a word). He hates it and he tries to wiggle out of hugs. Luckily, I am still a little bigger than him :)