February 7, 2008


For the second morning in a row, the heat is off in the building I work in! It is FREEZING! Now, I know I am a spoiled Southern California girl and I get cold when it is anything less than 65 degrees and I guess my thermometer in my office says 65, so that is cold!!!! I am lucky I don't live anywhere where it is snowing, I don't think I could make it.

It is crazy, I have my jacket and scarf on in my office and I am tempted to put my gloves on (that would make it a little difficult to type). Yes, I bundle up when I leave my house on the way to work, I even have a beanie in the car. Mr. Bear laughs at me when he sees me get ready to go out the door for work. I think he pictures that scene in "A Christmas Story" where the mom bundles up the younger brother and he can barely move. Well, I can move enough to drive myself to work. But I get cold, especailly my poor little toes! If I could wear my Uggs to work I totally would, my pumps just don't keep my toes warm. My toes are trying to defrost with my tiny little space heater. At least I have that and it is helping a little. But I can't wait til they turn the heat on in the building!! Brrrrrrr!



  1. I am a spoiled CA gal, too. I whine when it is under 70 degrees!

  2. Sorry you're freezing at work Sher! I can relate, for weeks we had no heat in the new building that they moved us to and it was like 64 inside, I had my space heater going on all day...and I'm with Angelina, when it gets below 70, I start go get cold. :)