February 17, 2008

Boats that raise "The Standard"

Mr. Bear loves boats! He loves everything about boats. This is our beautiful boat (and a good friend next to it), it is a 20 foot Stoker Boat with a sport tunnel hull and outboard. The boat was featured in a boat magazine back in 2001. (Don't I sounds very knowledgable about boats? Acutally, that is the extent of my boat knowledge, I know enough to be able to describe our boat to all the boat enthusiasts.) Due to his love of boats, Mr. Bear found internet boat forums and has become a regular on a couple of the boating forums. The LA Boat Show is one of the premiere events for his boating internet friends. Many of them come out to play, even from as far as Canada. We also get the opportunity to play with internet friends and their boats at "The River!"

This weekend, Mr. Bear and I headed to Downtown LA for the LA Boat Show to peruse the boats and party with his internet friends. It was interesting to meet people and to introduce yourself by a screen name, even stranger when you are the wife of the screen named person since half the conversations have to do with boats and the boards. Regardless of my confusion from time to time, we definitely met a great set of people and saw some beautiful boats.

From the boat show we went to The Standard Hotel for a private party for one of the boat manufacturers to party more with internet friends. It helps that Mr. Bear is in the know with the right people from his internet networking to get us on the "list." We had a good time. Late night, we headed up to the rooftop bar at The Standard complete with waterbeds and pool (picture of me on one of the waterbeds). Very fun, hip, and modern.

We booked a room at The Standard so that we didn't have to worry about a designated driver. We booked the "cheap" room and that was literally the classification of the room. A very modern hotel, the room kept up with the modern decor. The "cheap" room was not so cheap, but had all the necessary accomodations, a queen bed, a bathroom with toilet and shower, a closet, and a television. The bathroon was very unique, between the bathroom and sleeping area was only a glass wall. Basically, anyone in the room has a perfect view of someone showering or using the toilet from anywhere in the room. If privacy is an issue be sure not to share this room with anyone.



  1. That picture on the t-paper is the best!

  2. that waterbed-sofa looks fun! cute top :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! That glass wall looks...interesting! HAHA

  4. Looks like you guys had fun this last weekend! I agree with Jen that the bathroom is definitely interesting!

  5. How fun!!! Matt is on a boat kick lately - he really wants to get (a small) one in the next couple years! I have to admit, I kind of want to get one too ;)

  6. Nice Boat! What is the name of the forum? We too have a boat '03 Advantage Sport Cat. Could you pls email me the forum name at lovefateinc at hotmail.com Thanks!...oh yeah I clicked on your blog from seeing the link from one of your posts' on the OCknot...i'm shediva1