August 19, 2008

Wings of an Angel made It Time to Shine

We had a very eventful weekend, good and bad. This post will be about the good, tomorrow I'll share with you the bad.

On Sunday, Mr. Bear and I went to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club with his parents to watch the horse races. We had such a blast! It was a beautiful day in Del Mar, the sun was shining and the weather was gorgeous.

Our betting adventures started off not so exciting. After several losses, we got to the 4th race and horse Wings of an Angel started it all. I learned that my sister-in-law, Tricia loved the horse races and used to come to Del Mar when she used to live in the area. Well, Tricia was truly our angel and ended our losing streak. Thanks Tricia!!

For me, the 7th race was most notable when I put down a bet on two horses to win and place, America's Friend and Lightmyfirebaby! I didn't bet big but I won and that was so exciting!! I was screaming and rooting for them to win, it was so much fun.

Mr. Bear's step-father and his friend knew one of the horse owners. It's Time to Shine raced in the 9th race. The owner invited us to the paddock to see the horse before the race started. That was a real treat.

Of course, we placed some bets on It's Time to Shine. And low and behold, It's Time to Shine won!!! We got to go to the Winner's Circle and we were winners!! Wohoo! That was an exciting race.

We celebrated by going to one of Tricia's favorite restaurants, The Beach House, and having lobster dinners.

Lobster is soooo yummy. Dinner was excellent dinner. A great restaurant right on the beach with a gorgeous view. Our winnings paid for our dinner. What a wonderful end to a great day!

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  1. How fun! I've always wanted to go the horse races!