August 14, 2008

Olympics good and bad

The Olympics have definitely been very interesting. Swimming has been absolutely exciting with Michael Phelps and his record 11 gold medals! He is an amazing dolphin in the water! The 4X swimming teams have been awesome for the US.

But some things have not been so great.

Spain - what were you thinking. Did you really think this was not offensive?? I can't believe this was a publicity photo. As someone who is part Chinese, I am definitely offended. And I love the Spanish people, so I know this not a reflection of all Spanish but it is a shame.

China - Okay you outperformed the US in gymnastics (maybe the girls were underaged, but you still would have won since we had a few falls). But was it really okay to have a "prettier girl" lip-synch to another girl's voice at the Olympics opening ceremonies? This is just awful, both girls are beautiful. The Chinese officials are the ones who are ugly! That was just the most awful thing to do. I can deal with the fake fireworks that were pre-recorded but telling a little girl she is not pretty enough to sing is absolutely awful. She will always remember that she was not pretty enough to sing on front of her country. That poor young girl is very cute (not that it should matter) and now her self-esteem will be shot. You just don't do that to people, least of all children!!

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  1. I completely agree with you! That little girl is adorable, so I don't know what the Chinese officials were thinking