August 8, 2008

Fashion Olympics by Lucy Liu

I am definitely excited for the Olympics. I love gymnastics and can't wait to watch the competition. When I was little I wanted to be a gymnast (I had the height, LOL). My neighbor and I would do gymnastics on our front lawns and pretend we were gymnasts in the Olympics. What fun times!

Harper's Bazaar did a photo shoot with Lucy Liu that is a fun, different take on the Olympics. I love Lucy Liu. One, because she is a Charlie's Angel and I wanted to be a Charlie's Angel when I was little and two, because it is nice to see an Asian woman in movies and TV (I do realize they probably chose her to do this photo spread because she is Chinese, but so what!). I remember being a little girl and wondering why no one on TV or in the movies looked like me. No one had my black hair or my Asian features. So I wanted to be a blond and blue-eyed girl like the actresses I saw. I thought that is what I should look like to be beautiful and special. I have since learned to appreciate myself for who I am and my Asian background. It makes me beautiful and special. Hollywood has made some changes but there is still little diversity on television. Young people need to see people on TV and in movies who are representative of them.

Photo spread from Harper's Bazaar.

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  1. Ahhhh... gymnastics on the front lawn. Those were the days!