August 6, 2008

How to save/earn money while shopping online

There are many ways to save money when you are shopping online. And everyone wants to save money! You just have to be willing to look for online resources to save money and spend a little time searching before you click the final payment button. It's really easy!

Always google for coupon codes.

All you have to do is google and you can save $10 here or 20% there. You can even save on shipping as well. You never know where you can save so it doesn't hurt to do a quick search before making the final purchase. Many times you can find coupon codes for many websites just by googling the website name + coupons. For example, if you are shopping at, just enter "shutterfly coupons" or shutterfly coupons codes" and you will see several hits that offer coupons codes you can enter with your order.

There are websites like and Moms View that list current coupon codes for many online stores such as and You can also find great deals on forums such as Slickdeals and Deal Catcher.

Shop through cashback portals.

There are also websites, like Ebates and Live Search, that offer you cashback rebates simply by having an account and shopping through their portals. These portals offer a large list of featured online shops, so you can save even more.

I have talked about Ebates here before. It is one of the most well known websites to find rebate savings for just about anything you are looking for. You can shop at a number of online sites through their portal and earn rebates just for having an account with them and shopping through their portal. Plus, Ebates offers referral bonuses to new members and the person who referred them. If you sign up through this link and make a purchase by August 14, 2008, we both get $10! (It is usually $5 but they are running a promotion right now.) You can refer family and friends and get $10 referral bonus as well! Keep shopping through Ebates and you continue to save on your online purchases.

Another website that offers cashback rebates is Live Search. You receive cashback rebates from many of their features stores by shopping through their portal. Right now they are having a Back To School Deal Days with some extra saving. I just bought some shoes from and shopped through their portal and I received a 32% cashback rebate! The only catch is that it takes 60 days to get the rebate, but that is quite a rebate. Much more than Ebates offers. You have a choice of getting your cashback via, paypal, check, or transferred to your bank account. Not a bad way to save some money.

Combine coupons and cashback portal shopping for larger savings.

I try to shop through one of the above portals and I also look for coupons codes to increase my savings. I don't do a lot of shopping but it is nice to know that when I do I try to shop smart so that I can save big.

Happy Savings!!


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  2. When i shop online i google for coupon code as well. Then shop through
    I should check on live serch, too.
    Thanks for the Tip.

  3. I've been on the lookout for additional ways to make a nickel and/or reduce the cost of things that I'm buying. I shop through,its a rebate site that gives a much higher cashback. I used them faithfully years ago, when I had less money but more time to find the best deals.

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  5. Impressed..! Well, I always use coupon codes when online shopping for money saving.