August 20, 2008

Unwanted squatter in our garage

Well, I talked about the good part of the weekend. So as promised here is one of the bad parts of the weekend. On Saturday I found out that we had an unwanted squatter living in our garage. I was in and out of our detached garage on Saturday doing laundry and searching through Mr. Bear's tools to hang up a few pictures on the wall. Well, after several visits to the garage to put away some tools I noticed something furry on one of the shelves. I thought to myself, what does Mr. Bear have in this garage. So, I looked a little closely to the other side of the shelf and it was a possum! Eeek!! It was curled up in a ball sleeping and I supposed I made some noise when I was trying to get a look at what it was when it moved, looked at me, and made a noise. I screamed and ran out of the garage leaving the door opened.

Immediately, I called Mr. Bear (he was working) to let him know. He was on his way home. I found my father-in-law and told him about it. I was so freaked out! I did not like the idea of a possum on our property at all. Well, Mr. Bear and my father-in-law went into the garage and saw the possum. I had them deal with it from there on. We decided to leave the door open and since it is a nocturnal animal, we hoped that in evening it would leave. I did not leave the house the rest of the day for fear that it would be out there.

Early in the evening my father-in-law went in and saw it was still there. He poked it with a long stick and it hissed at him and was pretty angry. So he left it alone, he didn't want to get bit or anythign like that. Later that night, the possum had finally left. We figured out how it could have gotten in. There is a pretty large gap beneath the door that it could have easily squeezed through. Mr. Bear placed a barricade so that it could not get back in. Well, so far it hasn't been back and my father-in-law placed something more permanent on the bottom of the door to keep this from happening in the future. I hope that the unwanted squatter is gone for good and doesn't bring any friends back with it. Yikes, I really do NOT like possums!! They freak me out, I was still freaked out the next day when I had to go in the garage to get the laundry. No pictures for this post, because they just creep me out.


  1. I don't want to giggle at you, but it's coming. I can just picture you running out of the garage. I hope your furry friend finds a new home that's off your property

  2. For some strange reason we have a lot of possums in our apartment complex. They come into our backyard quite often and their hiss is scary!

  3. how can "sher the bear" be scared of a little possum! :)

    Yes possums are not so cute especially with that long tail YUCK!

    i really appreciate the story though. i did have a good giggle as well.