March 6, 2008

Give it Up Update

Lent is more than half way over. I posted when the Lenten season began what I was giving up. Here is a little progress on how I am doing so far:

Give up shopping: I have actually not spent any extra money that I did not budget! I did go shopping on my birthday, as I suspected that I would and did allow myself that one indiscretion. However, I used gift cards for all my shopping treasures, so I did not spend any extra money! I have actually been doing well with not shopping. For the most part, I just don't put myself in the situation to spend excessively, I don't go to the mall (except on my birthday) and I only buy what I need (i.e., food, toiletries, necessary household products) and what I have budgeted for. I go into Target with a list of what I need and I have been good to not stray from the list, which is really difficult at Target! So far so good! If I can keep this up even after Lent that would be so great for my wallet!

Give up candy and cookies: Yikes! I have been really bad with regards to this sacrifice. I did well the first two and half weeks but then I went to the Mission Inn brunch buffet and just could not resist! I have no willpower when it comes to food, that is why I am the eating machine. I have basically failed, there have just been too many temptations: birthday parties and dinners out. :(

Make an effort to go green: I did post previously about what I was doing to be green. I am using a green fabric softener recipe (I will update more about that later) and I use "green" bags when I go to Target (in actuality their reusable bags are red) and Trader Joe's. I've been using vinegar for more of my cleaning needs, although I haven't totally switched over yet since I still have some cleaning products I have to finish up.

Well, I guess 2 our of 3 is not too bad. There are about 2 weeks left until Easter and so I will do my best to keep it up with my successes and to redeem myself with my one failure. I do have a another kid's birthday party to go to next weekend, let's see if I have the will to stay away from the sugary food that is inevitable at children's birthday parties!


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