March 3, 2008

Golfing for a cause

My sister-in-law was an active board member of the Nicholas Woods Friedreichs Ataxia Foundation. It was a foundation that she cared a lot about and she was very active in planning a fundraising golf tournament every year. It was her favorite fundraising event and Mr. Bear would participate through here coaxing. Sadly she is no longer here to plan the event, so this year her cousin and best friend are putting it all together in her memory. If you are a golfer or know someone who is a golfer, please consider participating. Click here for the brochure. All the proceeds go toward a good cause. Mr. Bear will be there drinking beers and golfing, as Tricia would have loved for it to be! It will be a fun event with fun people for a great cause and for a great memory. If I could golf, I would be there on the greens! Alas, that is simply not a talent of mine, so I will have to leave Mr. Bear to the golfing.


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