December 21, 2008

So much to think about

We are finally moving forward with the remodel on our home. We had put the remodel on hold for a while now, but with Baby Bear on the way it is time to get back in gear so that we can get in the house. So now we have a lot of decision to make with the house. Much of Mr. Bear's original plans have been changed due to budget and time (we want to get into the house before Baby Bear makes an appearance), so we have been thinking about a lot of things and trying to make practical decisions. For example, with the floors: we originally wanted hard wood mahogany floors. Mr. Bear had picked out this gorgeous set of hard wood floors. Well, it is a bit expensive and it is quite possible that a baby/toddler/child will not be so nice to the floors. Not the most practical choice at this time.

Right now, in addition to doing research on infant seats and strollers, I am also doing some research on washer and dryers. So much to consider: top loaders vs. front loaders, capacity, steam washers. There are so many different brands and a lot to think about. I am thinking Baby Bear will produce more need for washing than I already have, so I will have to choose wisely. Any recommendations or advice?

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  1. We have Whirlpool top-load; and are happy with it so far. Also, I've found that the increase in amount of laundry (due to Baby)hasn't been that bad- esp since I'm now combining her clothes with ours when washing. We also use All Free & Clear- which doesn't have alot of lather- esp compared with other fragranced detergents.

    As for car seats and strollers, I'd say for the price and quality/reliability, Chicco and/or Graco are good options.

    Have fun shopping!