December 9, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

Mr. Bear came home today with a small Christmas Tree!! He is absolutely the best!! I wasn't sure if we should get a Christmas tree just because our place is small. But he totally got us one. It is a small tree and it is perfect. I love it! I love the holidays and being able to decorate. I am so excited. It is a little bare, I have to go and get our ornaments out of storage. I can't wait to decorate the tree!! I love how it fills our apartment with such a wonderful smell.

This is actually our first tree as a married couple. Last year, was a difficult holidays. We never had the time to get a tree or decorate or really enjoy this season. Instead we were watching my sister-in-law die and planning a funeral. This Christmas will be difficult without Tricia. I miss her and I wish she was here to share it with us.


  1. That Christmas tree is absolutely breathtaking.

  2. I love Christmas trees! Yay for Mr. Bear bringing home such a wonderful surprise! Decorate it and don't forget to post a picture for us :)