December 15, 2008

It's the most busiest time of the year!

I love the holiday season. Holiday decorations, Christmas trees and lights, baking, and enjoying the company of family and friends is something I love and look forward to. Last year was a rough holiday season. This year has been better, there is still sadness associated with this time of year as we approach the anniversary of Trisha's passing (it will be one year on Wednesday).

Inevitably this time of the year is an extremely busy one both personally and professionally. There is so much to do with the holiday shopping, baking, and decorating (which I love) and there is all the end of the year tasks to take care of at work (don't love so much). Being pregnant makes it a little more difficult to balance all that I want to do and have to do during this busy time of year. I get tired much more easily and need more rest than I usually require. I have always been the type of person to go, go, go; much like the energizer bunny. This year, I am more like a turtle; I find myself going much slower and having to take my time to rest in between tasks. It is not a bad thing, just requires more planning on my my end.

Even though it is a busy, busy time of the year. I still enjoy the holiday season.

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