September 27, 2008

A good man is hard to find

And I was lucky enough to have found one. The saying goes that women marry men who are like their fathers. My daddy is an intelligent, kind, and caring man. He is the best daddy ever and I am totally daddy's girl. Even as a married woman, I will always be daddy's girl. That is why when my daddy really wanted a Wii that it was so important for me to find it for him. My daddy and Mr. Bear have different personalities. However, my daddy is very conservative and reserved. Mr. Bear is outgoing and anything but conservative and reserved. However, Mr. Bear is an intelligent, kind, and caring man. So I found a man who shares the best qualities with my daddy.

The other day, Mr. Bear went for some beers after work at a local bar/restaurant. He noticed this group of elderly people (he said they were in their 80's or so) who were themselves having dinner and drinks and enjoying themselves. He liked the fact that they were enjoying themselves on a nice Friday afternoon, so he decided to pick up their tab. They came up to him and thanked him. It turned out they were from the local senior citizens center and every Friday evening, they all pick a place to go out to dinner. They were so thankful for him paying for their tab. They told him that they would put the money they would have used to pay for dinner back into the collection pool for their next dinner outing. Mr. Bear really enjoyed his interaction with them and he hopes to make it to his 80's and be able to go out and enjoy himself with friends.

I thought that was such a great story and it reminded me how wonderful and kind-hearted Mr. Bear really is. I love Mr. Bear and I love what a good person he truly is. I am lucky to have such a good man.


  1. What a wonderful gesture. I love watching old couples. It's a glimpse into the future. Funny enough we go out to dinner every Friday. :) It's always a nice treat.

  2. ok that brought tears to my eyes.

  3. How wonderful of your H to do that. He's a keeper!