September 29, 2008

4 hours of vacuuming!

Saturday, was my cleaning day. Mostly, I needed to clean the floors. As I was vacuuming our small home, I noticed the the vacuum was actually spitting the dirt it picked up back out. So I stopped, turned off the vacuum, and took a look at the vacuum. I checked the vacuum bag and it was full. It was totally packed. So mystery solved. But I did not have any vacuum bags to replace the full bag and now I had a big pile of dirt on the carpet. Ugh!

So, I got my little sweeper but it wasn't working. I knew why it wasn't working, my long hair was caught in the rollers. So I decided that I would take it apart and clean out my hair to fix it. As I was attempting to be handy and fix the sweeper vacuum in the garage, my father-in-law walks in to see what I am up to. We finally take it apart and clean it up. But then we could not get it to work again after putting it back together. Ugh!

It was cheap little sweeper anyways, so in the trash it went. I went back in the house and there was still a pile of dirt on my floor. I stared at it for a while and decide to ignore it and take a shower. Well, when I got out of the shower and dressed, it was still there. I had hoped that it would magically disappear. So I got the dustbuster out and started to pick some of it up, but then the dustbuster died. It had been off the charger for the last few days and needed to be recharged. Ugh!

Finally, I got in my car and went to Target to get some vacuum bags. This is probably what I should have done hours ago. But I was stubborn. I should have sucked it up and I would have been done hours ago. I bought the vacuum bags, went back home, put a bag in the vacuum, and vacuumed away the dirt. Success! Or so I thought. Something told me to check the bag and when I did, the vacuum bag was not put all the way in and there was a mess. Ugh!

I put another bag in and tested to make sure I did it right and cleaned up the new carpet mess. After 3 vacuums, 3 vacuum bags, and 4 hours later, the rugs were finally cleaned. The sad thing is that we have hard wood floors and only 2 really large area rugs along with a couple of smaller area rugs. I never did get to moping the hard wood floors. After 4 hours of trying to vacuum those area rugs, I didn't care and was over cleaning any more floors.

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