September 4, 2008

Back to School

It's that time of year where the schools are buzzing. I was a total nerd growing up. Although I always looked forward to summer break, I also loved the beginning of the school year. There is something so exciting about the beginning of a new school year. You get to start fresh in your classes and see friends that you weren't able to see over the summer break. You get to go back to school shopping for clothes and supplies. I love new clothes and for some reason I also love shopping for school and office supplies. There is something about new pens, notebooks, and binders that appeals to me. I like to be organized and the beginning of a school year allows me to start fresh and be organized. Plus, I love any excuse to shop. I have to admit that I still do a little back to school shopping, but I work on a college campus so I operate on an academic calendar and I can still justify it (or at least I try to justify it in my on mind).

Although I do work all year, the campus I work at is very quiet in the summer time, which is often nice after a busy academic year. So when September rolls around, I get to enjoy the beginning of a new academic year. I love when the students return and the campus is buzzing. On the down side, I seem to get another year older whereas the students all seem to stay the same age. Different students but they are still in that 18-22 year old range. Despite that it is always nice to have the students to return and to see the influx of new freshman on campus. The excitement dies down after a week or two, but it is nice to have the academic year cycle.

1 comment:

  1. I used to love school shopping, too.

    I was a little sad, this being the first year I was not in school, to not get a new binder.
    I quickly got over it though, once I realized I now have more weeknights free!