February 4, 2011

{Health and Fitness} NROL4W Stage 2 complete

Wow, it felt like I just started stage 2 and it is now done. I guess stage 1 took longer because it was a longer and I was doing it 2 days a week. I now have 3 days a weeks to devote to it and that made the stage 2 speed on by. I like the program and that it does move along so it doesn't seem like I am doing the same thing all the time. Plus, I know that it is better to switch things up a bit so that my body continues to work and be challenged. I am look forward to the new challenge ahead.

I am going to take the next couple of week to focus on running before moving to stage 3. A break is recommended in the first place. But I have also committed to doing a 5K in a couple of weeks and have done nothing to train. I did the Desert Dash 5K last year and I remember the terrain was really steep, pretty much uphill the entire way. So I do not expect to break any records or even run the majority of it. But I do feel the need to start up some training even if I do plan to most walk it.

I am feeling stronger. I haven't weighed myself or anything but weight loss was never my goal. My goal was to build strength, tone, and define. Of course, I should really work on what I eat to lose fat but I was never one to diet. I do need to focus on eating healthier and I need to make a conscious effort to limit my treats. I have been overdoing it a little bit and I need to watch that more. It is all about moderation and finding the right balance. I am working on it.

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