February 7, 2011

{Photo Corner} Week 6: Lesson 4 Flash

This week's lesson was on the flash. Basically, when to use a flash and things to consider when you use a flash such as distance and glare. It also covers using your flash outdoors.

The challenge for this lesson required to go outdoors and use a flash. I wasn't able to do the first part of the challenge since it asked that you go out on a gray day. And though it is winter time, in Southern California we had beautiful 70 degree weather this weekend. I love living in So Cal!

The second part of the challenge was to use fill flash to eliminate dark shadows on the face on a bright day. With beautiful weather, this was something I could do!

This picture is without a flash with my favorite model.


Here is another picture of Baby Bear, with the flash this time.


Here is another set. First without a flash:


With the flash:


I never would have thought to use a flash outside during the day (Papa Bear even asked why I had the flash on during the day). Even with only an internal flash, it does make a difference in certain situations. I am having so much fun learning about photography.

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