February 1, 2010

Yay, it's February!!

My favorite month of the year!! Why? Because it is my birthday month and it means that 27 days until my birthday! Wohoo! It doesn't matter that it is a short month or that my birthday falls on the last day of the year (except on leap years, where I get an extended birthday). It is just hands down the best month of the year!!

I am turning 35 this year and that is kind of crazy. A lot of people freak out when they turn 30, but I welcomed my 30's. I have enjoyed my early 30's. It was a great time. Turning 35 is something different. I can't quite pinpoint how I feel about it. But there is something about it. I will have to reflect on this a little bit more.

Here is to February!! Although shorter than the other months, the best month of them all. After all, good things come in small (shorter) packages. :)

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