November 24, 2009

100 push-up update and step class

I have to be honest, I been slacking off with my 100 push-ups training. Mostly because Baby Bear has been sick and then Papa Bear got sick, so essentially I had two sick babies. That meant I wasn't getting much sleep at all so week 3 of training went out the door. I know excuses, excuses. I promise myself that I will be back on track next week.

On a positive note, today I had the chance to go to the gym and take a step class. I hadn't taken a step class since I was pregnant. It kicked my butt a bit, but it felt so good to be challenged! I have been walking a lot with Baby Bear (she is not quite old enough for me to be able to run with the jogging stroller, hopefully soon) but it is not the same as doing a really good workout. It was really nice to get to the gym. It is tough to find the time. I tried fitting in lunch time workouts and did so for a week or so, but that was not very successful since I generally have to pump during lunch and many times end up working through lunch. It is going to take me a little more time to find a way to fit exercise back into my life. I just keep having to to try different times during the week and hopefully I will be able to find something that will work into my life and schedule.

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