December 8, 2009

100 push up update and a new gym

I am finally back on track with my 100 push up training. I am on week 3 of the training and I have to go down a level of training. Missing training has a definite impact on your progress. But that is life and being a new mommy has a toll on you. I am still suffering from sleep deprivation but I am doing my best.

I have found a new workout schedule that seems to be working for me. I have free access to the gym at the college that I work at. It is a new gym and last week I started going before heading back to work. So far that has been working out for me. I drop Baby Bear off a little earlier and get a 30 minute workout in (I wish I had more time, but that is all I can squeeze in right now). I shower and change and then walk over to my office a little later than usual. I think this has been the best bet for me. I have worked out more in the last week and a half than I have in the last 2 months since I came back to work. So this is great. Lunch time workout were not working, but so far this new schedule is working.

I definitely have a ways to go before getting back to the level I once was at. I ran on the treadmill yesterday morning and my time was really sad. It took me almost 14 minutes to run a mile. Now that is sad, you would have thought I was walking. I just have to keep on working to get my stamina back. All in time.

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