October 16, 2008

No Food Bank in the largest county in the US

My friend decided to start a canned food drive and she will be delivering canned food to a local food bank every week. What a wonderful idea! She is so kind and wonderful to come up with such a great idea. Her idea prompted me to find out where the closest food bank was to me, so that I could donate some canned food in her honor. According to the California Association Food Banks, there are no food bank in San Bernardino County. That is just crazy!

San Bernardino County is not only the largest county in the state of California, it is the largest county in the United States! In fact, it is larger than 9 states! That just seems absolutely wrong that the largest county in the U.S. would not have a food bank. According to U.S. Census Bureau, 15.40% of the San Bernardino population were below the poverty line, that is higher than the state percentage (13.2%). So it is not like San Bernardino county doesn't have a need. I just think that is outrageous.

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  1. I just noticed this too. Although it may say that there is no food banks...there is. I have gone to a few when I have needed help. I found these food pantries through churches here in the desert. Feel free to call and they will gladly direct you. It may take a few calls but they will lead you in the diection. Good Luck.