October 3, 2008

A New Job!

I have been concerned with the state of my current job. With the budgetary issues at work, there was a possibility that my current position would be eliminated or downsized to a part-time position. Since I work with the budget, I understood that there was a possibility that my institute might fold in a few years unless we were able to find a means to sustain through endowments or donors. My boss and my former boss were trying to find some solutions to keep me by restructuring my position to piece together a full-time position by working in different departments. I knew I was secure until June 30th, the end of the academic and fiscal year.

On Tuesday, I got a call about a new position on campus. This new position was being created at in another institute on campus and they thought of me for the job. They wanted to see if I was interested. This new position is actually a better fit for me and a great new challenge. It involves more focus on research and the opportunities to work with a lot of different people on campus. Plus, I would get to let go of some of my administrative responsibilities (like dealing with budgets, yuck!). So of course I was interested. Yesterday, I got the call that the position was approved and that I was approved for the position if I wanted. Without hesitation, I told them wanted it. They want me to start quickly, like next month. They did talk with my current boss and to allow for a seamless transition, they agreed that I will work 50/50 in the new position and in my current position for the rest of the academic year. Come July 1st, I will transition solely into the new job. I am so glad we were able to work this out so that I can still stick to the commitments I have in my current position. This will give my current boss the time to find my replacement (which because of the budget issues will become a part-time position) and train them.

I am so utterly excited. This is such wonderful news and this new position provides a lot more job security for me. I am so fortunate to have such great support. My boss, my former boss, and my new boss are excited for this new career move. I think it is a good one, not only does it provide me with the job security I need, it will be a great challenge to utilize my skills and allow me to work with other people around campus. It is a great move all around. I can't wait to start.


  1. Congrats again, it sounds like this worked out perfectly!

  2. all the puzzle pieces seem to perfectly fit! that's awesome to have bosses that are caring for you know your an asset to the college. congrats!