June 16, 2008

Trial and Error

Sometimes I can be an indecisive bear. Despite all the research I do, I have a difficult time making a decision when it comes to making purchases. Last, week I purchased a new digital camera, the Canon A590 IS. In my research, it received great reviews and had a lot of great features. I started taking some photos and realized that I really wanted a little more out of a camera. If I was going to upgrade, I wanted more zoom and some better image quality. Although the Canon A590 IS was a great camera, it didn't offer me what I truly wanted. So I went back to the drawing board and did a little more research and came across this:

The Canon SX100. This camera has 8 megapixels and offers a 10X optical zoom! It also has some manual features, which although I am not ready for a digital SLR, this would be a great way to learn to use some manual camera features. So, I decide to check it out in the store and I was really impressed by it. It had received decent reviews and seemed to better offer me what I wanted. Because it has more features, it cost more than the Canon A590 IS, but combined with a coupon and sale price I was still able to stay within my budget of under $200 (I got a really great deal and got it for just a little more than the 590 IS). I have been using it all weekend taking many shots of Chase Monster and random things and I am pretty pleased with this camera. Mr. Bear is also pretty impressed with it, it does so much more than our OG point and shoot Canon. It offers me more of what I want for not a whole lot more money. Now I am fully equipped to take some great photos in Hawaii!! One more day!!

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  1. Great camera. I have the same one actually. I have zero complaints about it and have had it since December. It takes amazing pictures and the zoom is beyong wonderful. I'm glad you like it! You got a steal on it too!