June 4, 2008

28 lbs of love

My Chase Monster went to the vet yesterday for his annual check up and vaccines. As they do every year, they weigh him. The last few years he has lost weight so I was curious to see how much he weighed this year. I also noticed a chart in the vet's office that gave average weights for different breeds. Chase Monster is a Norwegian Forest cat and they range from 13-24 lbs, last year he was 24 lbs, at the high end of the average.

Chase Monster came in at 28 lbs!!! He gain 4 lbs since last year! That is a lot of weight for a cat. Other than the weight, he is a healthy cat. Chase is going to be 12 years old in October, so he is not a young cat and this heavy weight gain is not a good thing for him. I don't know how this happened, I haven't been feeding him anything different or any more food. He is on weight management food and actually receives very little. This is worrisome to me and I want to be a good kitty mommy so after talking to the vet, Chase Monster has been prescribed diet cat food. I hope it helps him lose some weight. On a positive note, he was a very good monster at the vet.

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  1. he is so cute! i love big fat cats. he is to die for.