June 9, 2008

In bloom

My garden is starting to look good and I am very excited about it. Some of my new plants have flowers blooming. Here is one of my purple day lilies:

Isn't it beautiful. Too bad day lilies only bloom for one day, but there have been several blooms so it seems that they are doing well and acclimating to their new home.

I am especially happy that one of the plants I planted last year survived despite my neglect. I have my first gardenia bloom:

I absolutely love gardenias, they are so fragrant. They also remind me of my childhood. Growing up we had gardenias growing right outside our front door. I love their smell and I am very sentimental about them. I can't wait to see more blossoms from my gardenia bushes. I have 3 of them (I lost one due to neglect) and I see buds on 2 of them so I think they will be blooming soon! I am so excited.


  1. I love Gardenia's as well! They smell so great!

  2. I heart gardenias so much! Mine did not survive my neglect :(

    Your lilly is gorgeous!