January 27, 2011

{Health and Fitness} My workout schedule

One of the big goals is to increase the intensity and rigor of my workout and get back to my yoga regular practice. So far so good. I think I have found a schedule that works for me for now.

Monday - New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROL4W)
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - NROL4W and yoga
Thursday - interval runs
Friday NROL4W
Saturday - jog with baby bear
Sunday - rest

I have been able to work it with Papa Bear to be able to take my yoga class again. So every Wednesday night, he takes over to get Baby Bear bathed and ready for bed so that I can go to my yoga class. I love being able to get back into it. I love yoga and it feels amazing and helps to have that time to myself. I am not exactly at the same level that I used to be, but I am working my way back. It just feels so great. You know a yoga class is great when you are sweating (and I am not talking about doing Bikram or hot yoga). Monica - thank you for a great class every week.

When I started the NROL4W, I was doing it 2 days a week. I have been able to add an extra day which is what they recommend and I am able to add a day of running by bringing Baby Bear with me in the jogging stroller.

The NROL4W is a nice program so far, I am in Stage 2 and I am sore and feeling stronger every day. I am increasing the weight slowly and I am feeling good. I think it is a great workout plan. I am moving along the program nicely. What I like most about it is that it is not this plan where you just do it for 30 days or something like that. I like the progressive nature of the program. Granted I am only in Stage 2.

So I am working well toward my goal for balance with health and fitness. It is so important for me and such a big part of who I am. The two weeks where I had to take a hiatus due to moving and Baby Bear's pneumonia were rough weeks. There were days in that period where I thought I was going to lose it. The loss of balance in my life really threw me; I was exhausted, stressed, unhappy, and just falling apart. Now that I am getting back on track with my health and fitness, it really makes a difference to provide me with some balance. It gives me a few moments to myself where I just get to focus on me and it makes a huge difference in my quality of life. It is good for me; not just for my body but also for my mind and soul.

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