January 6, 2011

{Photo Corner} Week 1: Lesson 1 - Aperture

One of my goals was to get more creative by learning to use my new DSLR camera in manual.

My camera: Canon Rebel T2i. I love it!

So to challenge myself and help me meet my 2011 goal, I am doing a 52 week challenge in which I take a photo once a week. I had thought about a 365 challenge but didn't think that was very feasible with my lifestyle and schedule to take a photo a day. So 52 weeks it is. For the first 12 weeks, I am doing a 12 week online course with a few friends. Each lesson has several challenges to help you learn each concept.

The first lesson is on aperture or f/stop. The size of the aperture, or f/stop, of a lens determines how much of your photograph is in focus. The f/stop numbers refer to how open or closed the aperture on the lens is. Basically:
  • low f/stop = less of your photo will be in focus.
  • high f/stop = MORE of your photo will be in focus.
So here are my photos from the weekly challenge using different f/stops.

f/3.5. You can see that the background is blurry in this photo.


f/8. Here you can see that the background has a little more clarity.


f/22. With the larger f/stop you can clearly see the flowers on the window. A great deal more clarity.


It was fun to learn something about taking photos in manual rather than relying on auto. I am excited that I can see the differences among the photos as well. On to the next lesson...

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