December 22, 2009

Injured, ugh!

I think that I have tennis elbow. I have been experiencing pain in my elbow and forearm. At first I thought it was just muscle soreness from starting to lift weights and doing my push-ups, but my right arm has continued to hurt. Sometimes lifting my water bottle to drink hurts. I was talking to a friend about it and he mentioned that it might be tennis elbow and that I should probably lay off push-ups and lifting. I don't really like that solution, but I supposed it is what I need to do. It is tough to not lift anything at all, since Baby Bear does need to be carried more often than not. So my healing process will probably be slowed due to her demands. Just when I thought I was getting back on track I hit another roadblock.

Since I have to put the 100 push-ups on the back burner, I am going to try to focus on cardio and running. My mile time is atrocious, so that I will be working on a time that is more acceptable to me. I have never been a fast runner, so I am realistic about it and I know I have to take it a little slow at first because of my knees. (They have been bothering me too. I know I am falling apart.) But I just got new running shoes, so maybe that will help. I sure hope so.

Motherhood is wonderful, but it has done a number on my body. I have to remember to be patient since it has only been 6 months postpartum. I will get there; I know I will.

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