October 30, 2009

100 push ups: Initial Test (and yoga!)

So I am serious about starting my 1o0 push-up training and the first step was to do the initial test to see what level I will start at and how many I can do. I completed 12 full good push-ups. That puts me in the 2nd rank according to the website (I was two away from the 3rd rank just and I couldn't get that 13 push-up out). That is not as bad as I thought I would do. But I also know that I used to be able to do about 20 or so and at one time I could do 30. Because I completed more than 10, that puts in the highest training level (there are 3). Crazy especially since I haven't done any real push-ups in so long. I had to stop some time during the pregnancy since my belly bump got in the way. Now I am ready to get started on Monday. It will be a good way to start a new week and a new month!! Wohoo! I am excited about this.

On top of starting up my 100 push-up training, this morning I went to yoga!! I love yoga. I had been going to yoga classes sporadically during my maternity leave and I was going to a Mommy and Me yoga class. Now that I know that Baby Bear can take a bottle (she was previously on bottle strike) I plan to go to yoga more regularly since I am now confident that Papa Bear can watch Baby Bear without starving her. My back is all out of whack from pregnancy and my epidural and I believe that yoga will help me to strengthen my back again. I know that when I began practicing yoga almost 8 year ago, that my back pains were greatly alleviated. In fact, I rarely had back pains when I started practicing yoga regularly. So I hope that the same will happen once I keep up my practice.

It feels good to getting back to some type of fitness routine. I am well on my way to getting fit. Hurray!!

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