October 28, 2009

100 push-up challenge

I so need to get back into shape. As a working mother, I am finding it very hard to find the time to workout. Before having Baby Bear, I worked out and exercised 4-6 days a week. I exercised throughout my pregnancy and even went for a nice walk the day I went into labor. Since she has been born, my time to work out has been scarce. I thought I would be back to getting into the gym by now, but I like to spend the little free time I have during the day with Baby Bear.

I really miss getting to the gym and doing an intense workout session and I feel so out of shape that it is very depressing to me. So I figured that I have to do something about it. Looking at my time, I am going to try to get a little exercise in during my lunch breaks. I figure 30-45 minutes a day is better than nothing.

I am going to start the 100 push-ups training program. I have talked before about how I love push-ups. I used to be able to do full push-ups without too much of a problem. Now I am lucky to do a few. So this will be one way to get me back. It is a 3-day a week commitment for 6 weeks, so it is very doable during lunch breaks. Hopefully, I can get a walk or maybe even a run in on the other days.

I am very excited to give it a shot and I will update my progress on this blog to help me stay accountable and to get this blog up and running again. This poor blog has been largely neglected because I have nothing to write about except Baby Bear. So here is something that is just for me that I can start to write about. I am very excited about this challenge and to get fit once again.


  1. So funny you should post this! I was just thinking I needed to give this another go. Good luck!

  2. wow sherylle! this is a great goal! I know you can do this!